How to Pronounce English Words Like Native Speakers

The Challenges of How to Pronounce English Words

People who are learning English as a second language often find it difficult how to pronounce English words. They frequently complain that the pronunciation of some words does not really make sense and does not represent what is written down.

There are many ways that you can help yourself when you are learning English, but one of the most important is not to get down or give up. In general, regardless of where you are from, English speaking people should have no trouble understanding what you mean. The important thing with learning English is to practice pronunciation as much as possible by speaking and using the language.

Why should you learn to pronounce English words correctly?

While it’s not polite to criticize someone on their pronunciation, it is still the first thing that people will notice about you. One advantage in business and interpersonal relationships is if people do not think that you are an outsider, they may treat you differently. In some places people can be very insular and even though this is frowned upon, it might still cause some disadvantages.

Additionally, do not forget that communication is ultimately the most important thing. If someone is likely to misunderstand something that you say because your pronunciation is incorrect, then that can cause serious problems, especially if the instructions are very important.

Advice on pronouncing words in English

The following are some tips that you can take for granted about learning pronunciation of English words:

Learn as soon as possible — do not wait until it is already a problem. As soon as you are learning English, make it a regular habit to practice pronouncing words and to have a native speaker rate you. Identify the problems quickly and possibly even see a speech therapist if you need to. Sounds such as “th” often cause difficulties as other languages don’t have them.

Learn the IPA — not only will you probably learn something many native speakers don’t know, but it will make reading a dictionary for pronunciation a breeze. Whenever you find a new word, you can open up the dictionary and know instantly how to pronounce the word with the letters from the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Learn about word stress — part of the difficulty in learning  pronunciation of English words is knowing where the stress lies in sentences and in phrases. Additionally, in some words, stress patterns changed based on whether it is in verb, adjective or noun form, such as concert, concert and concerted.

Don’t guess — check a dictionary if you are unsure!

Be consistent — pick one accent/dialect and stick with it. This will usually depend on the country where you are learning English. In some regional dialects of English, such as varieties of American English and British, Australian or Scottish English, the pronunciation can be drastically different and it could be very confusing for people if you mix elements from each of them.

The most important tip

Listen and practice! These are the two most important tips for improving your pronunciation. You have to use the language if you are going to progress in it and that means spending most of your day listening to English and practicing using it.

Description: How to pronounce English words is often a problem when someone is learning the language for the first time. Read on to find out the basics of how to improve this aspect of your English.

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