5 Best Movies For Learning and Speaking English

The English language is one of the most difficult to learn. There are so many rules where words change and look like other words. For Example, “There is content on a website”. However, one may also see the word content to mean satisfied. “Joey is content with the results”. There are hundreds of words like these where rules will give multiple identical words with different meanings depending on the context of the sentence or phrase. It is for these reasons, the English language is difficult to learn.

One way people are learning the English language is by watching films in English without subtitles to watch the interaction and focus on the sentence structures. After actively pursuing this method a few times, audiences will begin to pick up phrases and words within the English language. To enhance this method, English subtitles can be offered within the movies to identify words with their sound. This offers the viewer to recognize sounds with the look of the words, allowing a person to begin reading.

There are hundreds of thousands of movies available in English. However, not every single one is great for learning the English language. There are several that offer unique phrases and understanding of the English language. Therefore, we are providing 5 top movies that can be used for speaking English.

helpful movies for learning english

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1. The first movie is a musical called My Fair Lady. The movie is actually about speech and learning how to speak English. Many of the actors are British and Eliza, the lead female character, is taught how to speak English with a therapist who studies language. Therefore, this is the first choice for a movie where one can learn the language.

2. The second movie is the Princess Diaries, a Disney film, where a young girl is learning to become a princess. Once again, she is taught how to speak and act properly. Therefore, the diction is clear and the phrases are largely proper. This is a great option for those who are learning to speak English, especially young girls.

3. A third option for a great movie to learn English is the Dead Poets Society, where an English teacher helps students to overcome their own barriers while teaching poetry and traditional forms of English. Plays, poetry, and proper English are depicted in this film making it a great film to learn the language.

4. A fourth movie that is great for learning English is Titanic. Set in the early 1900’s when Titanic was sinking, the dialogue in this film is unique and crisp. A great option for those wanting to learn and speak fluent English.

5. A fifth movie for the English language is the American President. American President offers dialogue within the political arena that is proper and utilizes unique terminology, where one could learn about politics, law, government, and proper English.

These movies are not only great stories, but are great for learning the English language. Viewers will be able to learn the mechanics of the English language while also enjoying the experience through the storylines and beautiful dialogue. Start using them today to teach the English language.

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